Arrive and departure

Getting to the CNR main building (Piazzale Aldo Moro 7) from Fiumicino airport, Ciampino airport, Termini railway Station and Tiburtina railway station:


From Fiumicino Airport to Termini railway or Tiburtina railway stations:

-Leonardo Express train: this is a direct train to the Rome Termini railway station, which departs from Fiumicino Airport every 30 minutes, the ticket costs 14 EUROS. More information at

-FR1 Train: this is a train departing from Fiumicino Airport (direction Poggio Mirteto, or direction Fara Sabina or direction Orte). You have to get off at the Tiburtina railway station. You can find more information at


From Ciampino Airport to Termini railway stations:

-Terravision Shuttle bus (Rome Ciampino airport-Termini Railway Station)

-Bus Sitshuttle (Roma Ciampino airport-Termini Railway Station)

-Night bus Cotral / Schiaffini (Rome Ciampino airport-Termini Railway Station)


From Termini railway station to CNR:

You can come walking from Termini Station to CNR. The map below contains the walking instructions.




















































You can also reach P.le Aldo Moro taking Bus no. 310 (see route map). Get off the bus at the fourth bus-stop (the second bus-stop that you find in Viale dell’Università) and then walk along Viale delle Scienze until you reach P.le Aldo Moro. The bus tickets must be purchased at the news-stands (inside the railway station) before you step into the bus, and they must be validated using the machines provided on the buses. The cost of the bus ticket is 1,5 EUR.


From Tiburtina station to CNR:

 Take the bus as follows:

-Bus 492 , get off at the 6th stop on via dei Ramni, the entrance to the parking of the CNR will be to your right. Walk along via dei Ramni passing in front of the parking entrance and on the corner turn left. The main entrance of  the CNR building  will  be approx. 20 meters ahead of you, on the next corner (see map on the last page).

Taxi costs:

-From Fiumicino to CNR: approx. 50 -60  EUR

-From Tiburtina or Termini to CNR: approx. 7-10 EUR


List of hotels located near the CNR


Stelle di San Lorenzo B&B

Via dei Caudini 9, 00185, Roma

Phone. [+39] 333 62.52.084




Domus Castrense B&B

Viale dell'Universita, 25 - 00185 Roma

Phone: [+39] 06 4469195

Fax : [+39] 06 49385435





Laurentia ***

Largo degli Osci 63, 00185, Rome

Phone: : [+39] 06 4450218

Fax: : [+39] 06 4453821





Cambridge ***

Via Palestro 87, 00185 Rome

Phone: : [+39] 06 4456821

Fax: : [+39] 06 49384917




Ateneo Garden Palace ****

Ateneo Garden Palace , Via dei Salentini 3, 00185, Rome

Phone: [+39] 06 4440042

Fax: [+39] 06 4453621




Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Marconi room

first floor

25 and 26 of September 2017

Piazzale Aldo Moro 7, Rome, Italy