BlueMed Participatory Workshop:

Scenarios of Blue Economy in the European basins














BlueMed Participatory Workshop:

Blue Economy in the European basins


RRI-SIS MARINA 2018 - Science Centre AHHAA in Tartu, Estonia.

19 September 2018 9.00 – 13.00

BLUEMED is the European research and innovation Initiative for promoting the blue economy in the Mediterranean Basin through cooperation. It is the strategy of reference for the Mediterranean countries to work together for a healthy, safe and productive Mediterranean Sea. The BLUEMED Initiative aims to contribute to the creation of new ‘blue’ jobs, social wellbeing and a sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors through the implementation of its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, the BLUEMED SRIA, with an eye on keeping it constantly up-to-date and inclusive of a multiplicity of perspectives.

Within the multiconference RRI-SIS MARINA 2018, the BLUEMED CSA promotes a workshop aimed at sharing experiences and practices from different international projects present at the Conferences, such as Marina and Tascmar projects, and discussing with participants possible input for implementing the Bluemed initiative in the perspective of the RRI principles.

The workshop starts from insights on RRI approach both in the research and in the evidence based policymaking process emerged during the Multi-Conferences, in particular related to coastal areas and seas. Opportunities and challenges of some specific issues in the marine domain (such as deep sea mining, sustainable tourism, fishery and aquaculture, etc.) identified as potential areas for the development of Blue growth will be explored. Thanks to the collaboration of the Co-Create! Conference, DESCI and DIYPES ERASMUS + Projects, the workshop will then focus on finding new tools and strategies for involving both the society and the policy makers in the debate on these issues and on the implementation of RRI aspects (like public engagement, science education, inclusiveness, anticipation) in the perspective of the Bluemed initiative.

The proposed workshop is particularly suitable to the declared aim of the conference: “The ambitious outcome of the event is the definition of recommendations for improvement of evidence-based policy making for seas and coastal zones through RRI-mechanisms, and furthermore how this improvement could be institutionalised”[1].






19th  September 2019   9:00  - 13.00

9:00 – 10:30  

RRI and public engagement within the blue growth: insights from international projects at the RRI-SIS MARINA Multiconferences 2018


Alba L’Astorina (IREA – CNR, Italy Bluemed CSA) Bluemed, the European Research and innovation initiative for blue jobs and growth in the Mediterranean area

Tiago Garcia (EurOcean - European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology) RRI and the Big Decision on Deep Sea Mining

Mihaela Mirea Cândea (Marenostrum) Tourism productivity reflected in marine litter

Saša Raicevich e Cecilia Silvestri (ISPRA, ITALY): Can RRI enhance Blue growth in aquaculture and fisheries sector? Insights from MARINA and GAP2 projects

Asaf Ariel (EcoOcean) and Yehuda Benayau (Tel Aviv University, Israel) Sustainability exploitation of marine bioresources: Insights from the TASCMAR project

Adriana Valente (IRPPS National Research Council, Italy), How to enhance RRI in education: Insights from DESCI and DIYPES ERASMUS + Projects.

11.00 – 13.00

Workshop: Challenges and opportunities of RRI approach for the blue growth in the perspective of the Bluemed initiative


Scientific Organizers:

Alba L’Astorina IREA National Research Council, Italy - Bluemed CSA

Michela Mayer, Valentina Tudisca, Claudia Pennacchiotti, Adriana Valente – IRPPS National Research Council, Italy

Contact for further information: Alba L’Astorina

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The BLUEMED CSA (GA 727453) funded by the European Commission - DG Research and Innovation