HubIT 2018

1st annual conference








Science Centre AHHAA in Tartu, Estonia, 18 September 2018



The HubIT Annual Conference is the first edition of a series of 3 annual conferences whose aim is to engage ICT and SSH experts for boosting a more Responsible Research and Innovation through constructive interactions between ICT and SSH research.


The 2018 HubIT annual conference is an official event associated with the Multi-conference RRI-SIS 2018 - Multi-conference on Responsible Research and Innovation in Science, Innovation and Society 2018 (September 17-19, Tartu, Estonia).


The conference is composed of 3 sub-events:


• The HubIT findings

• The SSH Workshop

• The Speed Dating


The event will include knowledge transfer activities, panel sessions and debates on the core findings of the project and also interactive actions to engage participants and collect useful insights.


Here is the Agenda:

  HubIT findings

1. Presentation on the role of SSH in ICT and ensuring its responsibility

A speech talk by an invited guest speaker, preferably from SSH/ICT mixed background

• Policy level aspects of RRI

• SSH aspects of RRI

• ICT aspects of RRI

2. Introduction of the HubIT project

3. The HubIT findings:

• Introduction to the European Framework Model of Responsible Research and Innovation

• Overview of the FM tools and demo session


SSH Workshop

4. World café on the topic of interactions between SSH and ICT in research and the ways the EFM can be used in research by SSH: specific societal needs, personal experiences, advantages/disadvantages, strategies, recommendations, etc.


6. Living library  – sharing 1 or more inspirational stories on synergies between societal needs and technology-oriented innovation. The session will host external speakers.

7. Moderated discussion in streams and feedback collection on the EFM and its tools, ideas on the use and input into policy recommendations

Stream 1: The concept of responsible R&I; Matrix of the key challenges; Guidelines for responsible ICT R&I informed by SSH; Best Practice Repository; Fact Sheets and Policy briefs; Policy Recommendations

Stream 2: Virtual Matching Catalogue; Tool for assessment of RRI and SSH perspectives in ICT within an organisation; Key measurable success indicators

8. Conclusions

9. Speed Dating session


Alexandre Almeida, LOBA (

Pietro Rigonat, LOBA (

Olena Nedozhogina, University of Tartu (

Anneli Roose, CIVITTA  (

HubIT Consortium



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