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Getting There

Welcome to Tartu!


Traveling to Tartu and visiting the Science Centre AHHAA? That’s great! Getting here is actually easier than it looks at first.

Top university in the region, University of Tartu, has prepared an extensive information sheet that explains all different possibilities of arriving in Tartu. Here is the link:

However, you probably won’t need all of that information. Here you will find a summary of the easiest way to arrive in Tartu.


Take a flight to the Estonia’s capital city, Tallinn


Make sure that your flight arrives at 22:00 the latest. Then you will be able to catch the last bus to Tartu.

If you arrive at the Tallinn airport later, you should book in advance a transfer bus from the airport to your hotel in Tartu (it costs 20€) via this website:

Take a bus from Tallinn airport to Tartu coach station


Buy your ticket in advance online. This way you can guarantee a seat and will get a cheaper price.

Buy a roundtrip (return) ticket, because you will be going back to the airport after staying in Tartu. This would be the easiest way.

Tallinn airport is a small airport. The bus stop is right next to the building. There are no long distances to walk and security check is quick.

Buses go between Tallinn airport and Tartu coach station about every 30 minutes. The earliest bus is at 6:35, the latest at 23:05. (From Tartu to Tallinn airport between 6:00-22:00).

You can print your bus ticket in Tallinn airport or Tartu coach station using the ticket-printing machine. You can also print at home. Or you can show your ticket QR-code from your smartphone.

These buses have free multimedia screens, free wifi, free coffee and are overall very comfortable. You don’t even need to buy the “Lounge” ticket to enjoy these services.

Taxi in Tartu

You can take a taxi from the taxi park near the bus station (or other taxi parks).

To order a taxi by phone call, you can use for example these numbers: (+372) 1918 (electric taxi, cheap), (+372) 1200 (more vehicles).

Preferred method of ordering a taxi in Estonia is via theTaxify app.You will get the cheapest taxi and have the option to pay inside the app (if you verify your bank card):

City buses in Tartu

You can buy a single-ticket from the bus driver for 1,50€ (cash only).

Alternatively, you can buy an electronic travel card from a kiosk for 2€ and charge money on it for a cheaper ticket (0,83€). This system works similar to the Oyster card in London or the OV-chipkaart in the Netherlands


Hotels in Tartu

Using the password “RRI” you can get a reduced price in a selection of hotels. Book by e-mail, by phone or by the website of the hotel. The deals are valid until there are rooms available. Breakfast and Wifi are included in the price.

  • Hotel Tartu

Single room: 40€ per room per night.

Double room: 57€ per room per night

  • Hotel Pallas

Single room: 60€ per room per night.

Double room: 72€ per room per night

  • Hotel Sophia

Single room: 53€ per room per night.

Double room: 60€ per room per night


If you choose another hotel or other type of accommodation, we recommend you book it near the city centre(near the Tartu coach station and near Science Centre AHHAA). Most points of interest in Tartu are in that area (the old town, restaurants, shops, the river etc).

Just remember to stay away from the hotel Draakon. It is not reliable at all.

You can find most of the Tartu accommodation options in

Venue in Tartu

Science Centre AHHAA

Sadama 1, Tartu51004, ESTONIA

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